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A-list Animals are a dog talent and modeling agency specialising in placing dog models in ads, print, film, TV, and other marketing campaigns.

From seasoned paw-fessionals to the risings stars of tomorrow, here at A-List Animals, we represent canines of all sorts and cast for a variety of dog modelling jobs. If you've been looking for a way to get your furry friend into the market, you've come to the right place.

There's never been a better time to get your pup into show business. Productions are after dogs of all shapes and sizes, for modelling, shoots, commercials and as animal extras. For a simple, small fee each month, you could get your pup in the line up for opportunities all around Australia!

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Dogs for film and TV are more popular than ever

As a specialist Dog ad agency, we're always on the lookout for the next big thing. We're currently on the hunt for Dog models of all sizes, ages, breeds, and skill levels to add to our roster of animal extras.

Custom-designed to help your dog stand out, we've developed our own pet talent casting system.

Our system allows us to update your dog's profile instantaneously and pitch directly to clients. This gives us an edge in the competitive world of Dog modelling, so much so that we bet the pup-arazzi will be after your pooch in no time!

Who your pup will work with

Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us. All clients are subject to rigorous ethical screening—in short, we only work with people who love animals as much as we do.

The type of clients we work with include:

  • Commercial and editorial photographers

  • TV series and commercial producers; film and digital content production houses; product advertisers, pet fashion labels,
  • Lifestyle and pet brands
  • Animal welfare organisations
  • Charity and not-for-profit organisations

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Learn More About Casting Dogs for Film and TV with A-List Animals


How Do I Get My Dog into Modelling or Castings?

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to casting dogs for film and TV work. Advertisers and producers often look for normal, everyday pets, so don't stress if your pooch isn't perfect!

Our job is to present your furry friend in the best light possible, highlighting their skills, attributes, and physical characteristics. So, let us know in as much detail as possible everything there is to know about your dog - can they do a specific trick on demand? Are they particularly cute? Or maybe they're a bit of a character?

Everything has a place in showbiz; whether your dog is cast or not will solely depend on the specifics of a brief. At A-list animals, we have developed strong relationships with various production companies to give your dog the best op-paw-tunity of landing a role.

While successful A-Listers are not required to produce Olympic-quality tricks on demand or have specific skills or training, healthy dogs with basic obedience skills who are well mannered and able to socialise with other pets and humans typically do well.   

Basic obedience skills and a friendly disposition are required for dogs on set to ensure their own safety as well as that of the cast and crew. Basic obedience skills would include the ability to respond to sit, stay, drop, and roll commands. Some form of training is an excellent idea to ensure your dog is comfortable in what is often a chaotic production environment.

More the better if your canine companion can perform tricks or respond to specific commands; they may be eligible for more opportunities!


How Much Can I Expect My Dog to Make?

Rates for dog modelling jobs can vary depending on several factors, including time spent on set, where the material is being used, and how long the material is being used for. The higher the exposure, the higher the fee will be. For example, an ad released nationally will attract a larger fee than one that is released regionally. The same is true of a campaign that runs for a year, as opposed to one that runs for a couple of months.  

Usually, a casting will be for a minimum four-hour call with rates starting at around $100 per hour with loadings added if that period is extended. Sometimes rates won't be confirmed until after the auditions have been completed, but we'll always confirm the conditions and rates of pay with you before you confirm a booking.

While there is a small upfront cost to list your dog with us, we offer flexible payment options to make our professional representation, discounts, and perks accessible to everyone. We also take a small commission when your dog is booked and paid as a specialist dog ad agency. This will fluctuate between 10% and 20%, depending on in which state you live.


Why Join A-List Animals?

There's no business like show business and A-List Animals is always scouting for dog models ready to leap into the exciting world of advertising and entertainment!

When it comes to the world of dog modelling, we have considerable experience working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. We have well-established relationships with top advertising agencies, TV producers, pet brands, animal welfare groups, and commercial and editorial photographers. So, it's safe to say we know the pet model industry back to front, like nobody else.

We're calling canines of all castes and creeds to join us at A-List Animals. Our agency services are affordable, and our platform is user-friendly, allowing you to focus on the exciting opportunities available for dogs in film and TV productions as well as various print and digital marketing campaigns.

There are so many exciting opportunities out there for your dog - in films, TV shows, magazines, commercials, music videos, at promotional events - the list goes on! Advertisers and producers across Australia are always on the lookout for dog models of all descriptions. Enlist the experts at A-List Animals to turn these opportunities into paying jigs.


What Kind of Dogs Models are Usually Successful?

How long is a piece of string; or a tail, for that matter? There's no way of truly predicting what breed, age or size of dog model will be in demand at any given time, and it will depend on the brief entirely and is not within our power to change.

Having said that, we're an experienced team who can anticipate certain movements in the industry. For instance, there's always room for more Labradors as these are a popular breed with advertisers. We also know that dogs who are memorable (maybe because they're unusually cute or possess a unique physical trait or skill), can often be in high demand.

We pride ourselves on our selection of quality dog models and always keep our offerings curated and relevant. This gives our clients the ability to choose from a broad range of breeds, sizes, and ages without overwhelming them. We also like to have multiple options on the books in case a dog gets sick, goes away, or is already booked for another job.


Does My Dog Need to Be Able to Do Tricks?

Commercially speaking, a potential dog model is more bookable if they have a few tricks up their furry sleeves. Not all dog modelling jobs require specific obedience skills, agility, or abilities; however, from our experience, we know that that to put talent forward for particular projects often requires a somewhat unique skillset.

Doggy deportment and general good manners is also a priority when sending dog models out for different jobs. Our clients appreciate working with an A-Lister who is trained so that they are safe to have on set around other animals, cast and crew. A basic level of obedience training is essential so that your dog knows how to handle the spotlight, including sharing screen time with others, keeping quiet on set and waiting their turn.


How Old Does My Dog Need to Be?

At A-List Animals, we're open to working with all furry friends as long as they're over 16 weeks and fully vaccinated. If your dog is a mature model, they need to be in good health with the ability to move well and be free of any disabilities that would prevent them from enjoying their five minutes of fame.