The best in showbiz for everyday pets

We're a pet talent agency specialising in placing real pets in print, TV and other marketing campaigns.

From one-trick ponies to black sheep, and all the characters in between—our pet models have limitless potential. We work with dog models and cat talent of all shapes and sizes!

Pets are more popular than ever in product and lifestyle advertising.

We’re seeking dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, skill levels and breeds to add to our roster of animal extras for hire by brands.

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We developed our own pet talent casting system, tailor-made to help your pet shine.

With the ability to update your pet's profiles on demand and pitch directly to clients, our platform is the cat’s whiskers—giving your pet an edge in the exciting world of advertising and entertainment.

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Meet some of our pet models & supawstars

  • Darcy

    Proof that good things come in small packages, Darcy has been the canine co-host of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play for the past four years. His diminutive size belies a big personality, and his scruffy charm has landed him a number of appearances on Australian TV screens.

  • Kaos

    With his long, luscious locks, Kaos sure is one handsome fella. His quiet demeanour and gentle manners, not to mention daily obedience training, has made him one to watch in the world of pet talent.

  • Bubby

    ‘What breed of cat is that?’ is a question Bubby’s mum hears all the time. For those of you wondering the same thing, this blue-eyed boy is a Devon Rex and he sure knows how to turn it on. Having passed his Novice Trick Cat certificate, this talented kitty (named after the film Bad Boy Bubby) can high-five on demand, and so much more.

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Learn More About Casting Pets for Film, TV & Modelling with A-List Animals

Why Join A-List Animals?

There's no business like show business - A-List Animals is scouting for pet models ready to dip their paw in the industry!

We have extensive experience both behind the scenes and in front of the camera and have established relationships with top advertising agencies, TV producers, commercial and editorial photographers, pet brands, and animal welfare organisations across Australia. It is safe to say we know the ins and outs of the pet model industry, like nobody else.

So, we're calling cats and dogs of all ages. We offer affordable agency services and a user-friendly platform that allows you to put your paw up for a variety of exciting productions and marketing campaigns. 

Advertisers across Australia are always on the lookout for a wide range of pets to fit within a variety of different briefs. By choosing A-List Animals, your beloved pet may be used across TV commercials, advertisements, and productions across the country!


How Do I Get My Pet into Modelling?

Any pet can be chosen for pet castings in Australia. Forget Olympic-quality tricks – the industry is always looking out for normal, everyday pets that have a good attitude!  

Our job is to make the industry love your furry friend as much as you do. Join us today by answering a few questions about your pet – from there, we will determine whether we will be the right fit for one and another.  

At A-list animals, we have developed strong relationships with both production companies and our clientele. As such, when your furry friend steps aboard, you know your pet model is going to get the best oppawtunities, and be showcased to the best in the biz. 

We recommend you start by having your dog socialised and trained so that they are both suitable and comfortable within the often chaotic production environments. Some jobs may require specific obedience or the ability to perform a trick – if your pet is able to perform on-demand, they may be eligible for more opportunities!

Teach your pet to respond to your commands and the obedience basics such as sit, stay, drop and roll. Most importantly, your pet should have good manners, be healthy and genuinely enjoy being the centre of attention!


What Kind of Pets Can Sign Up?

Top pet models come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, and our clients are looking for an array of different species.

There is no way of truly predicting what breed and species of pet will be the most in-demand for animal casting. It will depend entirely on the brief and what the client is looking for. There is always room in the industry for the more popular breeds such as Labradors, but just as many opportunities for those with a face only a mother can love. Pets that have that unique quality and extra cute factor will stand out from the crowd.   

At A-list Animals, we carefully curate our selection of pet talent, limiting each category to 15 per breed. This gives our clients a broad selection to choose from without overwhelming them with an excessive number of options. This also gives the agency choices so that in the case that an animal is ill, away, or already booked for another job, we have other paw-some pets at the ready.   

As long as your pet is healthy and can move free of pain, it does not matter what breed, colour, and age they are. 


Does My Pet Need to Be Able to Do Tricks?

We would never expect your furry friend to balance plates on their snouts and do cartwheels around us, but A-listers with a few extra tricks up their furry sleeves are more commercial. Not every animal casting marketing brief will require your pet to have specific obedience and agility; however, as an animal modelling agency, we do put our talent forward for a range of exciting projects that require a somewhat advanced skillset.

Pet etiquette is a number one priority for clients. Dogs and cats need to be trained and socialised so that they never pose a threat on set. The cast and crew always appreciate an A-lister that has a friendly nature and a basic level of obedience. Cats, in particular, need to be comfortable around people and the chaos of a production set. As long as your pet can share the attention of the camera, can be quiet on the set, and can wait their turn for a 'lights, camera, action' moment, our clients will love them as much as you do.  


How Old Does My Pet Need to Be?

At A-List Animals, age is just a number. We represent talent from mature Aristocats, historic hounds to the young and boisterous. As long as your pet is in good health, able to move freely and comfortably, is over 16 weeks of age, and fully vaccinated, they will be considered for representation.

How Much Money Will My Pet Make?

There is no fixed pay for our pet models. Rates are determined by hours spent on set and the budget of the company they are working with.

Your furry friend will usually be booked for a minimum four-hour call with rates starting at over $100 per hour. They may be required for an extended period in what is called 'loadings'. Additional charges will be calculated and made at a later time.

The amount of payment oftentimes will not be confirmed until after the audition and casting phase. However, you will never be asked to accept a job blindly. We will inform you of the conditions and rate of pay before you confirm a booking. 

While there is an upfront cost to come onboard our talent directory, we offer flexible payment options so that our professional representation, discounts, and perks are accessible to everyone. As an animal modelling agency, we also take a small commission when your pet is booked and paid. This will fluctuate between 10% and 20%, depending on the state legislation relevant to your area.

At A-list animals, our friendly team will be with you every step of the way to manage your loadings, royalties, and licensing agreements.