The best in showbiz for everyday pets

We specialise in placing real pets in print, TV and other marketing campaigns.

From one-trick ponies to black sheep, and all the characters in between—our pets have limitless potential.

Pets are more popular than ever in product and lifestyle advertising.

We’re seeking dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, skill levels and breeds to add to our roster of animal extras for hire by brands.

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We developed our own pet talent casting system, tailor-made to help your pet shine.

With the ability to update your pet's profiles on demand and pitch directly to clients, our platform is the cat’s whiskers—giving your pet an edge in the exciting world of advertising and entertainment.

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Meet some of our supawstars

  • Darcy

    Proof that good things come in small packages, Darcy has been the canine co-host of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play for the past four years. His diminutive size belies a big personality, and his scruffy charm has landed him a number of appearances on Australian TV screens.

  • Kaos

    With his long, luscious locks, Kaos sure is one handsome fella. His quiet demeanour and gentle manners, not to mention daily obedience training, has made him one to watch in the world of pet talent.

  • Bubby

    ‘What breed of cat is that?’ is a question Bubby’s mum hears all the time. For those of you wondering the same thing, this blue-eyed boy is a Devon Rex and he sure knows how to turn it on. Having passed his Novice Trick Cat certificate, this talented kitty (named after the film Bad Boy Bubby) can high-five on demand, and so much more.

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