How does the pet talent industry really work?

The entertainment and modelling industry is one of the most well-known, and coveted industry's across the world. However, many people only think of human models so often the general population aren’t aware of pet models and their impact in the industry.

Pets, mostly dogs and cats, and sometimes more obscure pets, play a key role in advertising campaigns across mediums such as TV, film, social media and print. Alongside their human counterparts they don't only add value , but also an element of cuteness that connects customers to the brand in a heartwarming way.

While the talent industry is still cutthroat, fast paced and unpredictable, the animal talent side of the industry works slightly differently to the human side despite the obvious similarities.  

What about regulations on set?

Unlike humans, there is minimal regulation within the industry compared. For instance, when working with kids clients require a permit from the relvant state guardian! Most of the regulations with pets are very obvious and to be expected; these include the need for pets to be healthy, and up to date on all necessary immunisations. We always want to ensure that every pet on set is happy and healthy before sending them to interact with other pets and people.

There are no limit to distance or time a pet can tracvel to and from location, or how many hours they can be on set for. This is instead often monitored by their owners, as they are aware of how much their pet can handle and understand their personal cues on set. While this is a very specific aspect of the industry, clients will also have to follow the same laws that everyone has to follow when it comes to the welfare and safety of pets.

It is important that pets are comfortable on set, and they are comfortable around loads of other people, harsh lights and some loud noises. It is crucial to not upset any animals on set and keep them just as safe as we keep people.

What about when pets are actually on set?

When pets are actually on set, the talent is in many ways similar to working with children. They are unpredictable and it is not certian that they will deliver what is needed on cue. This is why it is common in the pet talent space for a client to hire multiple pets for one part so that if one or more of them aren’t cooperating on the day then there is always back up ready and willing to jump in.

 If you are considering getting your pet’s hat thrown in the ring for a range of amazing opportunities, then you should think about having our pet join the ranks at A-List animals and be a part of our casting line up for the range of client briefs we receive.

You never know what could be right around the corner for your furry friend in the exciting world of entertainment and modelling.